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  • The plastic surgeons at Sydney Plastic Surgery Experts are specially trained in the field of Cosmetic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. All of our surgeons have undergone extensive post-graduate surgical training and challenging internships and residencies. Our surgeons have also completed specialized fellowships to perfect their art.

    Our main motto “Artistic Mastery of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery” represents the passion of our doctors who believe that not only is plastic surgery a science, it is also an art. It is very important to all of our surgeons to provide patients with the best possible, natural looking results and your happiness with your Plastic Surgery procedures outcome is extremely important to us.

    Our plastic surgeons travel throughout Australia and New South Wales to bring you the best of Sydney Plastic Surgery no matter where you are located - providing added convenience and comfort particularly for your day of surgery and your post-operative appointments. We welcome you to learn more about our plastic surgeons and offer complimentary one-on-one consultations so that you can best understand the details of the procedure of your choosing and the qualifications of our many on hand surgeons at our Sydney Plastic Surgery Clinic.


  • Meet D. Steven Williams

    Dr. Williams

    Double Bay, Sydney is the center of the cosmetic surgery universe and for good reason. The best plastic surgeons in the Australia are located in this exclusive hub of the Sydney lifestyle.

    Sydney plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Williams is in great demand due to his reputation for natural yet dramatic improvements in appearance. Both young and old have sought him out to restore their youthful look or to create an image that has been longed for and is also a Breast, Tummy Tuck and Liposuction Specialist.

    With over 20 years of experience in all aspects of cosmetic plastic surgery, Dr. Williams has become the ‘go-to’ surgeon for breast augmentation, and particularly, revision breast implants. He is also a gifted abdominoplasty, body lift and large volume liposuction specialist; skills in high demand for a plastic surgeon in Sydney.

    His artistic eye combined with his surgical skill has attracted lots of Celebrities to his Sydney practice not only for breast augmentation but to give them that special edge which is vital for public personalities who spend much of their working lives in front of an unforgiving camera

  • Meet Dr. Peter White

    Dr. White

    Dr. White is an expert in his fields of Plastic and Cosmetic surgery. He performs cosmetic surgery without general anaesthesia increasing the safety of having a procedure. Dr White also performs a very wide range of Body Plastic Surgery such as Tummy Tuck "Abdominoplasty", Liposuction, Mummy Makeovers Surgery, Body Lift and Body Contouring, Arm Lift "Brachioplasty" and also Male Procedures such as Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia), Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty), Male Liposuction, and Chin Implants otherwise known as “Chin Augmentation.

    Dr. White regularly performs minimally invasive State-of-the-Art Facial Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Sydney procedures which minimise incisions and recovery time while maximising results for his many patients and is considered by many to be the best Sydney Plastic Surgeon. 

  • Personal Initial Consultation

    It isn't unusual for an initial consultation with either of our on hand Plastic or Cosmetic Surgeons to last over an hour. This allows time for their patients to become comfortable with them and fully share their wishes and dreams as well as their fears and uncertainties. The partnership is what is important to them, and they will not proceed until they are fully in sync with their patient.

    Our Surgeons understand that for many people the decision to have a cosmetic procedure is years in the making. During the initial consultations, our surgeons listen to the goals of the patient and then discusses all aspects of the procedure, both good and bad. They honestly assesses what the final outcome will be and use their extensive library of thousands of before and after plastic surgery photos to illustrate the results of similar procedures. Our Doctors are passionate and enthusiastic about their chosen profession and are as excited as their patients when they finally achieve a long-awaited goal.

  • How to Get Started

    That curvaceous body you’ve always wanted can be more than a dream. Getting rid of an embarrassing feature can be a reality. Come in for a consultation with one of our specialist Sydney plastic surgeons. They will show you how you could look like the person you see in your mind within a very short time, and is an extraordinarily talented plastic surgeon in Sdyney.

  • The plastic surgeons at Sydney Plastic Surgery Experts offer Complimentary Consultations to answer any questions you may have.

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