• Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

  • Sydney Brachioplasty & Arm Lift Surgery introduction:


    While loose, sagging, and extra surface skin in the upper arms may develop as a result of natural age or genetic causes, this condition is particularly prevalent in people who have lost a substantial amount of body mass. For many people, extra fatty tissue and flaccid skin surfaces in the upper arms cannot be eliminated and toned through diet and an exercise regime alone. Some people forego fashionable outfits and in order to hide their upper arms with long-sleeved clothing.

    An arm Lift, or (Brachioplasty), is designed to give you attractive, well-defined arms by removing extra loose surface skin. In some clients, arm Lift Sydney surgery can be combined with targeted liposuction to improve overall contours in the upper arm and surrounding areas. Our Physicians all are very competent in completing a full range of advanced arm lift procedures that can be customized to your specific surgical needs.

  • What Can an Arm Lift Do for You?

    • Remove saggy skin
    • Tighten the upper arm
    • Improve overall arm contour
    • Remove excess fat
    • Eliminate unsightly "bat wings"
    • Help reduce or eliminate chafing and rashes
    • Reduce excess hanging skin after significant weight loss
  • Who is a good candidate for arm lift surgery In Sydney?

    People with a plethora of skin and localized fatty deposits in the upper arms -- either caused by aging, genetics, or substantial weight loss -- may be good candidates for forearm lift surgery. Arm lift Sydney surgery is ideally put in place after you have achieved your weight loss objectives and reached a plateau. 
    If you are continuing to lose weight, you should wait before having a Sydney arm lift surgical procedure. Dr. White will gladly meet with you to discuss whether you are a good candidate for Arm Lift surgery.

    Procedure Recovery Post-Op Care
    Performed in our in-office surgical facility Go home same day Compression garments recommended for 4-6 weeks
    Surgery time approximately 2-4 hours Back to work in 1 week Sutures will dissolve on their own
    Twilight or general anesthesia Light exercise in 1 week  
      Moderate exercise in 3 weeks  
      More strenuous exercise in 6 weeks  
  • How is Arm Lift Sydney surgery performed?

    Arm lift surgery addresses excess skin and fatty deposits in the patient's upper arms. During the arm lift procedure, localized fatty deposits may be removed by using a mix of surgical excisions and also liposuction procedures. Extra skin will be trimmed down and re-draped to improve the contour of the arm.

  • Where do you place incisions for arm lift surgery in Sydney?

    Incision placement will differ, depending on the type of arm lift Sydney procedure undertaken, but all incisions will be placed carefully where they will be least noticeable. Dr. White has extensive experience and skills in the whole range of arm surgery options. He will assess your condition and recommend the methods used that would best suit your specific surgical needs.

    The most frequent arm Lift procedures include:

    • Short-scar arm lift can address mild excess skin in the inner arm only.  Incision is placed in the arm pit (axilla).
    • Limited incision arm lift can address mild to moderate excess skin in upper arm.  Incision extends from arm pit to mid portion of the upper arm.
    • Traditional arm lift can address moderate to severe excess skin.  Incision extends from arm pit to elbow.  Traditional arm lift may have a classic “T” incision in the arm pit, or a “Z”-plasty incision to minimize the appearance of scarring.
    • Extended arm lift can address severe excess skin that extends beyond the upper arms.  Incision runs from arm pit to elbow, and then may extend to the lateral chest wall and the breast, as necessary.
  • How can I prepare for arm lift surgery?

    During your initial consultation, one of our Surgeons will examine your upper arms to specify the fat distribution, as well as the amount of extra skin present. They will also address your medical record and discuss other factors that may affect arm surgery, such as previous surgeries and record of weight fluctuations. He will thoroughly talk to you about your plastic surgery goals and also discuss possible risks and best available techniques for your arm surgery.

  • What type of anesthesia will be used for arm lift surgery?

    We recommend general or twilight anesthesia for your arm lift surgical procedure. You will discuss your procedure exhaustively with both your Surgeon and our board-certified anesthesiologist to define the best type of anesthesia for your needs.



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