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  • Body Lift Sydney Introduction

    Body Lift Sydney
    A body lift or (Post Bariatric Surgery) is a surgical procedure that improves the tone and shape of a body that has excessive loose skin. This is done by tightening the underlying tissues that support the fat and skin. In a Body lift Sydney based operation the excess skin on the subject"s body can be caused by the natural aging process where the skin loses its elasticity and it can otherwise be caused by a significant amount of weight loss by the patient.

  • Post Weight Loss or Post Bariatric Surgery Sydney Overview:

    If you have recently undergone bariatric weight loss surgery, or have already lost a large percentage of body weight without surgical therapy, you have completed a major step in fighting morbid obesity and living a healthier life with a slimmer physique. You've worked very hard to lose massive amounts of body fat, and now may be the time for the next stage- dealing with the aesthetic effects of weight loss.

    Additional scalp folds and fat pockets brought on by significant weight loss are common after-effects that patients know following bariatric-Body lift Sydney surgery.

    These effects can be addressed with a variety of reconstructive surgery and mass contouring procedures can be found at the Sydney Plastic Surgery Experts. At our Post-Bariatric Surgery Centre, we can provide you with safe, effective therapy aimed at eradicating extravagance fatty and scalp folds left over from significant weight loss.

    Our very well trained plastic surgeons can help you reach your goals of having a fit, contoured physique to go with your brand-new, slim appearance.

    Please Call Us to schedule such consultations for post-weight loss/ Body Lift surgery in Sydney. At your initial consultation, our plastic surgeon can address your questions and fears, and discuss all aspects of procedures you are considering.

    With some Body lift Sydney procedures, we can also give you a digital overview of what the aesthetic outcome is possible. Vectra 3-D imaging engineering is able to show you a picture of the potential results from aesthetic improvement procedures before you even set foot inside an operating room. You will also meet with a patient care coordinator who is an expert in post-weight loss surgery processes and can help guide you throughout the therapy process. Our team here at SPSE will be happy to speak with you about insurance questions and possible financing for these procedures.

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  • About Post-Weight Loss/ Post-Bariatric, Body Lift Sydney Surgery:

    Individuals who have lost large quantities of body fat through traditional diet and exercise, and those who undergo bariatric weight loss surgery procedures such as gastric bypass and adjustable gastric banding, often have large skin folds and pockets of fat in many areas of the body.
    This can not only diminish a patient's self-confidence but can also induce scalp illness and problems linked to hygiene. Post-bariatric surgery and after-weight loss surgery involve procedures designed to eliminate these areas of extravagance fatty and loose skin areas for a more contoured body appearance.

    While adapting a more healthy diet and a steady exercise regimen are standard parts of the post-bariatric surgery process, cosmetic improvement procedures can go a long way in helping you reach a tighter, fit-looking physique.

    Plastic surgeons at Sydney Plastic Surgery Experts will meet with you in an initial consultation and discuss with you all aspects of your post-bariatric surgery procedures. Your body lift Sydney surgeon will work with you to develop an ideal outcome based on your aesthetic body goals.

    We can also answer your questions regarding insurance coverage and financing options available for procedures you are considering. Please contact SPSE to schedule your consultations. Our expert post-weight loss patient coordinator will assist you with your needs in all areas of the therapy process at our Sydney plastic Surgery Clinic.

  • Sydney Body Lift Recovery:

    Recovery from a full Body lift operation can take 2-3 months plus to fully recuperate and it is recommended that patients recuperating from their body lift procedure should take at least two to three weeks off from their work they may have. Some patients knowledge some ache or pains during this period of the recuperation. Normally, most patients will see around 75% of the swelling go down within the first month and a half of their recuperation time period and roughly 95% of the swelling go down within the first the 12 weeks.

    A compression garment is often required to be attached and depends on what procedures are acted on during the body lift surgery in Sydney. We also make sure that patients refrain from any strenuous stressful exercise or heavy lifting for at least three to four weeks.

  • Who are the best Body Lift Sydney Surgery Candidates?

     Males and Females who are in generally good physical health and who have acquired significant loose skin and soft tissue in many body areas may be a good candidate for a body lift Sydney surgical procedure.

    The Ideal candidates for Body Lift Sydney Surgery should have realistic goals and expectations for their surgical outcomes. During your initial consultation, you should discuss what your objectives are with your doctor and then we can determine what is the best procedure for your aesthetic body goals.

    To learn more about the body lift procedure or to schedule a consultation, please Call our Sydney office at  (02) 8776 3877

    You can also fill out an online contact form and one of our customer care specialists will be able to assist you in making your appointment.


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