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  • Labiaplasty Sydney Introduction:

     Labiaplasty is a cosmetic genital surgical procedure that will reduce the size or change the shape of the small lips on the outside of the vagina (the labia minora). Looking for Sydney Labiaplasty Doctors?

     At Sydney Plastic Surgery Experts, women have the option with labiaplasty surgery to cosmetically enhance the outer vagina, or reduce discomfort …


    Women with magnified labia due to childbirth, congenital conditions or vast hormonal changes face a great deal of shame and discomfort because of their condition. Having enlarged labia can interrupt sexual interactions, physical exertion in activities and even the ability to wear clothes in a comfortable manner, as they are generally induce suffering, painful feelings, and soreness in that region.

    When this arises, one of our Sydney cosmetic surgeons will perform a Labiaplasty to increase and resize the labia and correct any irregularities in size or shape. In this style, he is able to restore both a more attractive cosmetic image and refreshed confidence for the patient after their Sydney labiaplasty Surgery is performed.

  • The Main 7 Reasons Why Women Choose Labiaplasty Sydney Surgery are:
    • Women feel uncomfortable with all the extra tissue “down there”
    • Women feel self-conscious changing in public at the gym or the club
    • Women feel like their labia tissue will fall out of thong underwear and cause embarrassment (or they have had this happen!)
    • Women feel uncomfortable riding a bicycle due to extra labia minora tissue that hurts when compressed against the bike seat
    • Women may have discomfort during physical activities such as running, doing yoga or having intercourse
    • Women need to move the extra flaps of mucosa and skin (labia minora) out of the way so that they can pee straight (yes, this is true!)
    • The extra tissue gets stuck to their inner thigh when not being held in place by undergarments, causing pain and irritation

    Labiaplasty in Sydney is vastly considered to be a very simple and minor surgery, performed under a local anesthetic and with the use of sedation to ensure your at ease and comfort with the labiaplasty procedure and also help you deal with any anxious feelings. Depending on what your procedure requires, Dr. White will either use" The Wedge" or" The Trim" technique for your labiaplasty procedure :

    The Trim Technique: Using such an approach, Dr. White will trim away extra tissue at the edges of the patients labia to achieve a most desirable appearance and size of the labia. This technique may be performed with traditional surgical devices or a laser, and it's the ideal solution for patients who have uneven or a discolored labia area.

    The Wedge Technique: Using such an approach, Dr. White will remove a wedge-shaped segment of tissue from the middle third segment of the labia, before stitching the top and foot segments back together. Dr. White will usually use this technique on cases with asymmetrical labia and/ or a considerable amount of extra tissue. Because it saves the leading edge of the labia, this alternative likewise allows for very natural-looking surgical results.

    Regardless of the technique utilized, Dr. White will make sure that your incisions are well-placed within the natural contours of your form, and are very difficult to detect formerly after your healing has finished. Dissolvable sutures will then be used to close the incisions, and your more symmetrical and proportionate labia will be apparent instantly, with the results continuing to improve as you enter through the healing process after your labia surgery.


    Immediately after surgery, you will return home to start the initial recovery interval, which will last from one to two weeks. During this time, you should get a lot of rest, withdraw from using alcohol and smoking, and take your various pain medications as prescribed by your doctor. You can expect to experience some swelling, bleeding, pain and/ or numbness in the genital area, though all of these side effects will reduce gradually over your healing period. Once your initial recovery is finished, you will be able to return to work and resume your normal, day to day routine.

    In words of work, you should attempt to walk as soon as is practicable after surgery to decrease swelling and prevent potential complications. You shouldn't elevate anything heavier than 10 kilograms for the first 7 days after your labiaplasty surgery, and you should refrain from having sex for the first 2 months after your procedure.


    As with all of his Sydney cosmetic procedures, Dr. White determines their candidates for a labiaplasty procedure on a private and individuals basis, following a full physical examination and a thorough discussion of your cosmetic necessitates, and surgical goals.

    With that read, the ideal nominee for among the best labiaplasty Sydney has available is generally a female who is in great health and who is embarrassed about the size, form, and appearing of her labia due to hormonal changes, congenital causes or pregnancy. Ideal nominees also report that their precondition causes them a great deal of inconvenience during lovemaking, physical work or while wearing certain types of clothing. It is best to undergo a labiaplasty operation after having had children, as pregnancy can cause the labia to unfold even more.

  • Want More Info on a Sydney Labiaplasty Procedure?

    Would you like to be on your way to feeling more confident about your body, but still have questions?

    Our staff of board-certified surgeons at Sydney Plastic Surgery Experts would be happy to answer them.

    You can plan a one-on-one consultation, during which the Sydney surgeon can assess your medical records, arrange a thorough examination and also discuss your labiaplasty surgery options with you. They can also supply educational tools, including videos, literature and photographs, to inform you further about the labiaplasty surgery procedure and discuss results you can expect from your labiaplasty surgery.

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