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    Breast size, shape and ratio play a unique role in every woman's self-perception, appreciation of her physical balance, femininity, and self-worth. The artwork of breast augmentation surgery is so much more than simply "enlarging" the breasts--it is realized through the profound consideration of each individual's desires, inherent anatomical patterns, and meticulous attention to the techniques and safety of their breast implants sydney procedure.

    Breast augmentation in Sydney is an ideal choice when you want to increase the size of your breasts, restore their shape after pregnancy, or balance out uneven cup sizes. Breast (Implant) augmentation surgery, also called breast enhancement or breast expansion surgery, is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures available today. For many females, it is an effective means of enhancing their sense of femininity and, thus, their confidence and self-esteem.

  • What is Breast Implants/Augmentation Surgery?

    Breast Implants Sydney: A breast augmentation by one of our Sydney Plastic Surgeons can be performed using many different incisions; this includes placing the incision underneath the breast, along the border of the areola( periareolar ), in the armpit, transabdominal( TABA ), or transumbilical( TUBA).

    No two breast augmentation procedures are the same; each is as diverse as a woman's unique aims and physique, and as different as the surgeon who performs them. As a (FRACS) certified, plastic surgeon with a clinical focus on aesthetic breast augmentation surgery, Our Surgeons bring to bear immense surgical experience in the science and art of breast augmentation in Sydney.

    Our Sydney breast Augmentation Surgeons are of the opinion that while an increased number of breast volume may be important, beautiful curves should only ever be gentle rather than geometric, and the quality of the aesthetic solution prevails over the quantity of the breast implant volume. Attaining a gorgeous, natural and proportional outcome is always the ultimate goal with a Breast Implants Sydney Procedure.

  • Main Reasons For a Breast Augmentation Procedure:

    Main Reasons For a Breast Lift Procedure In Sydney:

    Your new breast augmentation procedure can potentially help you achieve a more balanced and proportionate body contour, improving not only your breast appearance, but your overall appearance as well.

    Other aesthetic benefits may potentially include:

    • Correction of breast asymmetry
    • Improved breast shape
    • More attractive cleavage
    • Better breast projection
    • Restoration of lost breast volume caused by aging, pregnancy, or weight loss
    • Increase in wardrobe options
    • Improved appearance in clothing and bathing suits
  • We look forward to helping you feel great about your body


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    Contact Us Today to Schedule Your Free Consultation

    We look forward to helping you feel great about your body


  • Sydney Breast Enlargement Procedure Overview:
    breast procedures sydney

    There are three common incision types when it comes to breast augmentation surgery: all over the nipple/ areola( periareolar ), within the breast crease( inframammary ), and under the limb( axillary ). Each of these areas subtly hides the minimal scarring.

    Each of these incision types also has its unique benefits. Dr. White can walk patients coming in for breast augmentation at his Sydney Cosmetic surgery office through more detailed information about each to define which is best, is dependent on the desired outcome and your body type.

    The sydney breast implant itself is also possible placed partially under the muscle( sub-muscular) or on top of the muscle and under the tit gland( sub-glandular ). Again, since no two women are the same, Our Doctor will recommend the approach best suited to your body-type and goals.

    Since this procedure takes simply a few hours, you will be able to see the results right away, as will those around you.

    • Type of anesthesia: twilight or general
    • Duration of surgery: 2 to 4 hours 
    • Recovery time: 1 to three weeks Pain: mild 
    • Removal of sutures: resorbable sutures are typically used
  • Am i a good Candidate for a Breast Implants Sydney procedure?

    Ideal candidates for breast Implants/Augmentation in Sydney:

    • Have breast size, shape, or symmetry issues that they would like to correct
    • Would like to restore lost breast volume or firmness following pregnancy or breastfeeding
    • Are in good overall physical health
  • What to Expect During Your Sydney Breast Implants (Augmentation) Consultation:

    Our Sydney breast surgeons and their caring faculty strive to ensure that you feel comfortable in all areas of the entire plastic surgery process. During consultation, at a Sydney plastic surgery Clinic, they will listens attentively to your aesthetic anxieties, surgical aims, and cosmetic desires to gain a thorough understanding of what you are looking to achieve with your breast augmentation procedure in Sydney.

    Your Surgeon will also evaluates your unique anatomy -- including your skin health, fat content and existing breast tissue -- so he can recommend appropriate treatment options( including breast implant size) that will yield natural-looking answers that are in line with your aesthetic aims for surgery.

    Aside from breast implant size, additional treatment options include the available the different types of breast implant, your incision motif options and your implant placement options, all of which your Sydney Breast Implant Surgeon clarifies during consultation. When making decisions about your treatment options, your individual body-type and frame as well your cosmetic desires must be considered. You can also "try on" different embeds employing our sizing system to get an idea of which looks best on you. Most patients really like doing this and find it very helpful.

    They will then collaborates with you to create an aesthetic project that enhances your natural beauty, so you appear and feel like best available version of yourself. In some situations, our surgeons may need to recommend a breast lifting operation with your breast augmentation procedure, to provide optimal results.

    Thanks to his extensive experience of breast augmentations for satisfied patients over the years, you can assured that your surgeon will be able to help you achieve your desired results with your breast implants sydney -based procedure.

  • What Questions Should I Ask My Surgeon about getting a Breast Implant/Augmentation in Sydney?
    • Are you (RACS) certified in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery?

            RACS stands for the “Royal Australasian College of Surgeons”

    • Am I a good candidate for a Sydney Breast Implant procedure? Why or why not?
    • What should I realistically expect from a Breast Augmentation surgical procedure in terms of my cosmetic surgery outcome?
    • Where will you perform my breast surgery sydney procedure?
    • What type of Breast Implant procedure will you use to get the best results for me?
    • What should I do before and after my Sydney Breast Augmentation operation to achieve and maintain the best results possible?
    • How long is my recovery expected to take and how will feel? Will I be able to care for myself?
    • What are the risks and complications associated with Breast Augmentation surgery? How would you handle them?
    • Which shape of Breast Implants do you recommend? Teardrop, Gummy Bear, Round, Smooth Or Textured breast implants? 
    • What type of breast implants doe you recommend Saline or Silicone breast implants?
  • How much does Breast Implant/Augmentation cost?

    The average costs of breast augmentation surgery is between $6000 -$ 12,000 according to 2017 statistics from a Choice Breast Augmentation Cost Article March 2017

    The main client base for breast enlargement surgery are women in their early twenties and those aged 30-45 trying to regain breast shape after pregnancy.

    If you are a breast augmentation candidate in Sydney, please remember that costs can vary.

    A surgeon's fee for breast augmentation surgery may vary based on his or her experience, the type and cost of breast implant used, as well as geographic location of their breast augmentation clinic.

    Many cosmetic plastic surgeons give patient financing plans for breast augmentation surgery, so be sure that you ask .

    Breast augmentation expenditures may include :

    • Anaesthesia fees
    • Hospital or surgical facility expenditures
    • Medical experiments
    • Post-surgery garments
    • Medication Prescriptions
    • Surgeon's fee

    When you choose their own (RACS) and (FRACS) Surgeons in your neighbourhood for breast Implants/augmentation, remember that the surgeon's experience and also being comfortable with him or her are just as important as the final costs of the surgery .

    Breast Implant/Augmentation and your Health Insurance

    Most health insurance plans will not cover cosmetic breast augmentation expenditures, related complications or another surgery to revise the appearance of your breast tissue.

     Some Health Insurance carriers even omit breast diseases in patients who have breast implants.

    Carefully examine your health insurance policy before having your breast augmentation procedure in Sydney .

    # RACS stands for “Royal Australasian College of Surgeons”

    # FRACS stands for “Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons”

  • How Do I Decide Between Different Types of Breast Implants?

    There are two main types of breast implants in Sydney -- Silicone and Saline breast implants.




    We recommend silicone breast implants for most of our patients because they look and also feel a lot more natural in the breasts than saline, which is a firmer, rounder embed. The type of breast implant we ultimately recommend for a woman, whether silicone or saline, round or anatomically shaped, textured or smooth, will depend on her individual anatomy and also her overall goals with her breast (Implants) Augmentation surgical outcome.

  • Planning Your Breast Augmentation

    There are four main components that are essential to consider during the planning phase of breast Implant/augmentation surgical procedure:

    • Type: the type of breast implants, silicone or saline
    • Access Incision: the incision through which the breast implants are introduced
    • Position: the pocket placement of the implants relative to the chest muscle
    • Style: the shape, profile, texture and size of the breast implants

    These options are predicated on your innate anatomy, on your desired outcome, and on certain personal preferences. Sydney Breast Augmentation Surgeon, Dr. White will carefully consider each of these options with you, and will design the best breast  augmentation treatment plan that is personalized to achieve your goals.

  • We look forward to helping you feel great about your body


    Contact Us Today to Schedule Your Free Consultation

    Contact Us Today to Schedule Your Free Consultation

    We look forward to helping you feel great about your body


  • Preparing for Breast Implant/Augmentation Surgery:

    Approximately 2 weeks before your Breast Implant/Augmentation surgery, you will have a comprehensive preoperative visit in our office in Sydney. A complete list of what to do and what to avoid is reviewed. Prescriptions for medications to be taken postop are given, and the pre and postop instructions are reviewed. Any questions that remain can be answered during this visit. Routine laboratory studies/blood work are ordered, and any (age and past medical history appropriate) breast imaging studies that are obtained as appropriate.

  • Breast Augmentation Surgery Incision Options:

    Our Surgeons perform breast augmentation in Sydney using a variety of incisions. Incisional approaches include:

    • Peri-areolar
    • Inframammary
    • Transaxillary

    All of these incision options can accommodate submuscular and subglandular breast implant placement, and both can be used with any type of breast implant procedure in Sydney, New South Wales.

    Contact us Today on  (02) 8776 3877  for your free consultation to discuss your breast implant procedure.

  • Important Breast Implants/Augmentation Considerations:

    Breast implants sydney factors that will impact your breast augmentation procedure. Your Surgeon will discuss these with you during your consultation in order to arrive at a customized care strategy that addresses your unique requirements and health and body objectives:

    Your tissues and breast dimensions- Your natural size of your breast, the amount of natural breast tissue you have, and your body shape  will impact the style and size of breast implant that may best reach your goals.

    Breast Size expectancies- Our Surgeons strive to achieve a new breast size and appearance that looks natural and in proportion to your body shape, while taking into consideration your personal aesthetic likings when discussing your breast enlargement sydney procedure.

    Breast implant before and after: At our cosmetic clinic you will be able to view before and after breast implants photos to see which type of breast implants would be a good fir for you at your consultation.

    Teardrop Breast Implants or Gummy Bear breast implants?: When it comes to getting sydney breast implants you have a few different options with what type of breast implant to choose to best reach your desired shape and feel of the breast tissue. Your doctor will discuss with you all the various options during your consultation at our Sydney Breast Augmentation Clinic.

    Pregnancy considerations- The desire to have children down the road won't rule you out as a breast augmentation candidate, but it's important to understand that pregnancy and childbirth may adversely impact your results. Plans for future pregnancies might affect the recommended timing of your breast augmentation surgery .

    Lifestyle causes- If you pursue an active, sporting lifestyle, you should discuss this with your Breast Augmentation Surgeon. In some instances, he may recommend a size that may be more consistent and comfortable with your sporting lifestyle to achieve the best breast implants sydney has to offer..

  • We look forward to helping you feel great about your body


    Contact Us Today to Schedule Your Free Consultation

    Contact Us Today to Schedule Your Free Consultation

    We look forward to helping you feel great about your body


  • Types of Breast Implants in Sydney:

    One of the decisions you'll shape considering your Sydney breast augmentation procedure involves the type of implant that will be used. Our Surgeons offer a broad range of breast implant types, shapes, and sizes in order to provide you with a genuinely customized procedure that addresses your unique aesthetic aims with your body shape when looking for the best breast implants sydney has on offer.

    Saline Breast Implants Sydney:

    Saline breast implants consist of a silicone shell filled with a sterile saline solution. Although less commonly used today in Dr. White’s breast implants sydney practice, saline implants may afford several give several benefits, including :

    They can be filled after being inserted into your torso, therefore giving your doctor some additional control of individual implant sizing. 

    • -Saline implants allow for a smaller incision
    • -If your implant ruptures, the sterile saline solution is absorb and excreted by your torso

    In recent years sydney breast implants:, saline implants have reduced in popularity, mainly due to the fact that they tend to look and feel less natural than silicone gel alternatives. The above issues is even more pronounced for thinner women with less natural breast-tissue .

    "Theres" several other drawbacks to consider before picking saline implants :

    • -Saline implants may deflate, creating a very uneven breast appearing that requires a revision —-procedure to correct
    • -Implant rippling is more likely to be visible than with silicone gel implants

    Silicone Breast Implants Sydney:

    Silicone breast implants consist of a silicone shell filled with a cohesive silicone gel substance. Today's silicone implants have been extensively investigated and are FDA approved .

    In recent years, silicone implants have become increasingly popular due to the fact that they tend to look and feel more natural than saline implants .

    Gummy Bear Breast Implants Sydney:

    Gummy bear implants are the newest breast implant option to receive FDA approval. They consist of a silicone shell filled with a denser, more cohesive silicone gel that holds its shape better .

    While these sydney breast implants might be a good option in certain situations, the gel is firmer than other implants. When shaped," gummy bear" implants can change outlook and when round, they tend to look a bit more spherical than softer alternatives. Nonetheless, particularly in a give of thinner tissues, they may be a delighting choice when deciding on breast surgeon sydney options.

    One downside is that the more form-stable material being implemented in gummy bear implants requires a typically bigger incision. This may limit your incision placement alternatives .

    Our Sydney Breast Augmentation Surgeons understand that every person is unique and as a result, they adapt your care plan to address your unique aims. Implant selection is a highly individualised decision that is best made after a very detailed, personalised breast augmentation consultation in Sydney.

  • We look forward to helping you feel great about your body


    Contact Us Today to Schedule Your Free Consultation

    Contact Us Today to Schedule Your Free Consultation

    We look forward to helping you feel great about your body


  • Contact Us For Your Breast Implant/Augmentation in Sydney Procedure

    While we provide our patients with an opportunity to look through before and after photos of actual Breast enlargement Sydney procedures during their consultation with one of our Breast Implant Sydney surgeons, we urge our visitors to view our Breast Implants Sydney before and after gallery while visiting our website and specifically at our cosmetic surgery clinic.

    At Sydney Plastic Surgery Experts we look forward to helping you reach your Cosmetic Surgery Sydney-based goals with your body.

    If you have any questions about Breast Implants in Sydney please Call our Sydney office directly on  (02) 8776 3877.

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