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    For a number of women, mastectomies are a necessary reality in their fight against breast cancer. This can affect their self-esteem, confidence, and sexuality.

    Breast Reconstruction Sydney Surgical Procedure: With numerous treatment options available to women with breast cancer, or genetic predisposition to breast cancer( BRCA gene mutant ), trying to determine the best breast reconstruction options can be perplexing. 

    Various Research-studies show that breast reconstruction surgeries give these women quality of life along with psychological advantages also. All of these life changing enhancements are a well-deserved to women who have suffered the trauma of breast cancer and mastectomy. Dr. White establishes the surgical process is safe for her patients and is required to ensure that each procedure is done at the optimal occasion for the healthiest outcome possible. Patients walk away with a new outlook on living and an understanding that "thats really not" alone in their convalescence and healing process.

    Gaining an understanding of the different types of breast reconstruction and the steps and timing of the surgical process is important, and can occasionally factor into decisions involving breast conservation surgery vs. mastectomy. There have been significant advances in breast reconstruction techniques that have enabled women who choose to undergo mastectomy to feel balanced, comfortable, self-confident and attractive. Dr. White is a renowned, highly trained plastic surgeon offering breast reconstruction in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

  • What is Breast Reconstruction?

    Breast reconstruction involves the use of varied surgical techniques to rebuild and restructure the breast or breasts to their natural sizing, figure and aesthetic appearance. Breast Reduction Surgeons in Sydney use natural and/ or prosthetic fabrics to construct a normal appearing breast for their patients. Often times, the nipple-area or areola has to be completely rebuilt after a mastectomy surgical procedure.

  • Sydney Breast Reconstruction Procedure Overview:

    Breast reconstruction is an option for the majority of women undergoing unilateral mastectomy( one side) or bilateral mastectomy( "two sides " ). The type of breast rebuilding and occasioning thereof are the main decisions to be made in conjunction with your plastic surgeon and breast surgeon. Immediate breast reconstruction, which begins the reconstructive surgical process during the mastectomy procedure, is possible for most patients. After a mastectomy, there are two primary routes for breast reconstruction: prosthetic or implant-based reconstruction, which implies the use of tissue expanders and/ or breast implant, and autologous reconstruction, exploiting tissue from elsewhere on your own body. 

    When females choose breast conservation therapy that includes lumpectomy, sentinel lymph node biopsy, and radiation therapy, there is no character for plastic surgery manoeuvres( with the rare objection of a lumpectomy performed in conjunction with breast reduction, known as oncoplastic surgery ). Almost all Sydney breast reconstructions after mastectomy require several "stages" to achieve the final desired make, although other than the first inpatient surgery( mastectomy and first stage reconstruction ), subsequent procedures are outpatient and associated with short recovery seasons and minimal downtime. 

    When bilateral mastectomy is performed, the breast reconstruction process has frequently identical on both sides, and is consistent with greater short term and long term symmetry. With unilateral( one side) mastectomy and breast reconstruction, surgery on the opposite breast( contralateral breast raise, breast augmentation Sydney, or breast reduction) is often required to achieve the most balanced results.

    • Reasons For a Breast Reconstruction Procedure:

      There are many reasons why women from across the country choose breast reconstruction in Sydney, New South Wales at our plastic surgery practice, all of which are intensely personal. Breast reconstruction - particularly when using a woman's own tissue - allows a woman to feel whole and face her cancer diagnosis with a sense of confidence and empowerment.

      Breast Reconstruction in Sydney

      Breast reconstruction surgery allows a woman to undergo a mastectomy and yet still enjoy a very natural breast look. A female who is told that she will require a mastectomy to treat cancer is often emotionally-devastated, but reconstruction can help her" put back the fragments" and move on from a cancer diagnosis.

    • What Questions Should I Ask My Surgeon about getting Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Sydney?
      • Are you (RACS) certified in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery?

              RACS stands for the “Royal Australasian College of Surgeons”

      • Am I a good candidate for a Sydney Breast Reconstruction procedure? Why or why not?
      • What should I realistically expect from a Breast Reconstruction surgical procedure in terms of my cosmetic surgery outcome?
      • Where will you perform my breast (mastectomy) procedure?
      • What type of breast reconstructing procedure will you use to get the best results for me?
      • What should I do before and after my Sydney Breast Reconstruction operation to achieve and maintain the best results possible?
      • How long is my recovery expected to take and how will feel? Will I be able to care for myself?
      • What are the risks and complications associated with Breast Reconstruction surgery? How would you handle them?
      • Can I see before-and-after photos from other patients at your Sydney Breast Reconstruction clinic?
    • What is the recovery time for Breast Reconstruction surgery

      Patients who undergo breast implant-based reconstruction generally heal faster than patients with flap-based breast reconstructions. Both take 3-6 weeks for convalescence and require additional surgeries to reconstruct the areola and nipple areas.

      Recipients of these procedures must not partake in physical sporting activities, overhead lifting, and sex activity during the course of its convalescence span. Light cardio practise such as tread mill, strolling or biking are approved for reclamation after surgery and for weight control.

       The majority of patients return to normal activity levels after surgery, except for TRAM flap patients, who is able suffer a decrease in abdominal muscle strength even after convalescence. This TRAM flap, or bilateral tit reconstruction surgery, requires a sacrifice of both rectus muscles, which is why abdominal strength is lost. Because of this, many Sydney Breast Reconstruction surgeons avoid this technique and opt for terms and conditions that do not reduce the patient's activity in the long term.

      For many women, there is often psychological adjustment time that occurs after a breast reconstruction surgery procedure. Depression, anxiety and sadness are common and can it can be helpful to seek the support of a counsellor or related assistance group.

    • We look forward to helping you feel great about your body

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      We look forward to helping you feel great about your body

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