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  • Male Nose Job | Male Rhinoplasty Sydney Introduction (Nose Surgery)

    Why Choose to get a Nose Job?

    Facial harmony is the most important outcome in any beautiful aesthetic enhancement of the facial area. The nose, as one of the most recogniseable facial characteristic, must always be addressed with balance and a very high level of skill and expertise. There are a variety of reasons for which people consider a (nose job) otherwise known as Nose Reshaping and rhinoplasty, but at the end of the surgical process, having a nose that is both intrinsically balanced and in beautiful presentation with other facial characteristics, is the ultimate goal with Sydney Rhinoplasty (nose job).

    "Rhinoplasty, which comes from the Greek word to shape the nose, is a plastic surgery procedure aimed to correct a nasal deformity that is congenital or acquired."

    Our Surgeons are some of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Sydney. Find rhinoplasty Sydney information and see rhinoplasty Sydney results in our Sydney Rhinoplasty clinic from some of the best Sydney rhinoplasty surgeons.

  • Are you thinking about rhinoplasty in Sydney, New South Wales?

    About Rhinoplasty in Sydney

    Rhinoplasty or nose job surgery, is a procedure that involves altering the size and shape of the nose. Our Rhinoplasty surgeons are often regarded as the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Sydney because they understand how to achieve a balanced appearance that is in harmony with the patients nose that also blends in with the person's facial features and gives them their best possible asthetically pleasing facial appearance.

    Any healthy teens or adults who want to improvement their nose are good candidates for Rhinoplasty (nose job) surgery.

    For the vast majority of Sydney Rhinoplasty cases, most patients who undergo this nose job procedure, find that the results are life changing. Cases describe an increase in confidence and boost in self-esteem. Rhinoplasty can change lives. The ideal candidates for rhinoplasty are:

    You have exhaling problems.

    You are over the age of fifteen.

    You have good physical and psychological health.

    You are unhappy with the sizing and/ or various feautures or shape of your nose.

    You have exhaling questions limited to your nose so require a nose job (Rhinoplasty).

    You suffered an injury that changed your nose appearance in a negative way.

  • Male Nose job Surgery (Rhinoplasty) in our Sydney office

    Patient's that plan to undergo a Nose Job or nose surgery (rhinoplasty) must be evaluated carefully by the surgeon for their physical and a mental health and suitability for undergoing a rhinoplasty Surgical procedure in Sydney.

    It is of paramount importance for the patient and the surgeon to have a close understanding and be on the same page about the functional and aesthetic nasal questions that the patient may have about their Rhinoplasty Surgery procedure.

    The Sydney rhinoplasty surgeon most ascertain a detailed biography and physical that pertains to the nasal functionality and aesthetics as well as past surgical involvements undertaken, drug abuse or any trauma to the nose.

    The patient's mental motive for undergoing rhinoplasty is critical and is assessed by the rhinoplasty surgeon carefully in the pre-operative evaluation to make sure it is for the right reasons.

  • Male Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) Overview

    In recent years, rhinoplasty or getting a (Nose Job) has become one of the most popular facial plastic surgical procedures in Sydney Australia.

    The vast majority of humans are happy with the nose they were born with, while others have had the form of the nose distorted from an injury.

    Having problems with nasal breathing and sinusitis often involve the situation where a nose job is required. A varied range of different techniques are used to fully address the desired change in appearance as well as to improve nasal cavity and correct chronic sinus illness. Sinus surgery, if desired, is done with endoscopes to avoid any observable incisions and to reduce the chance of scarring of the nose.

    Usually, the overall goals of rhinoplasty surgery is to achieve better harmony between other facial features and the the nose. Rhinoplasty surgery does this by improving the width and overall appearance of the patients nose.

    Specifically, rhinoplasty can change the form of the nasal passage, remove a hump, and straighten the patients nose. The width and determine of the nostrils can be changed. Rhinoplasty may be performed under general or sedation anaesthesia on an outpatient basis. Most health insurance provides in Australia still offer some coverage for functional nasal surgery and sinus surgery.

    Our Sydney Rhinoplasty Surgeons have carried out hundreds of rhinoplasty surgeries for their  patients over the years and are considered to be some of the best Rhinoplasty surgeons in Sydney.

  • Sydney Rhinoplasty FAQ"s

    What does a (Nose Job cost) In Sydney?

    Rhinoplasty costs can be anywhere can from approximately  $4000 to $15000, and can vastly depend on the surgeon know-how/ skill, what geographic area the surgery will be in, and what work needs to be done on the nose.

    Depending on the patients guarantee functional ingredients (septum, sinuses etc) may be covered. Since Revision Rhinoplasties are more difficult they tend to be more than primary surgeries.

    As you make a decision to proceed with Rhinoplasty keep in mind 3 questions?

    1. It is your appearance, never compromise over the cost of your nose job procedure

    2. Is your surgeon knowledgable about Nose Surgery and do they have evidence of creating beautiful noses at their clinic.

    3. Do you have any breathing or sinus health problems? It doesn't make sense to have a great nose that doesn't function properly..

    What is the expected recovery time for my Nose Reshaping  (Rhinoplasty) Surgical Procedure?

    " After your Nose Surgery 80% of your swelling will be gone in two week, and 90% at 2 months ."

    Downtime after Rhinoplasty

    1. For the first week we have cases wear a protective nose splint. Early removal increases health risks of the nose not setting correctly, or may injury the delicate healing tissues.

    2. For the first two weeks the casual observer, and family and friends will be able look at your appearance and recognise you have had nose job.

    3. Bruising is generally resolved within half a month, but varies by the patient bleed predisposition. We recommend Arnica gel.

    Complete Recovery after Rhinoplasty

    Complete reduction of all the swelling can take up to one year (the majority of patients of which this is gone within 2 months ). We follow up with cases until the healing is finished and patients have their final nose as they wanted it to appear.

    Does Health Insurance Cover Sydney Rhinoplasty Procedures for Men and Women?

    Insurance may cover some of the various aspects of rhinoplasty -- those procedures that improve breathing:

    opening sinus drainage pathways (endoscopic sinus surgery),

    shrinking large turbinates (turbinate reduction),

    straightening a crooked septum (septoplasty),

    valve surgery (placing cartilage grafts to stabilize the wheezing passage).

    #  The cover that different medical insurers offer does differ so before your rhinoplasty surgery you should check your current health fund/ health insurer.

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